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General Links

General 1 Homeostasis

Homeostasis One Page Revision Sheet

Quiz on Homeostasis Quiz, with a few warm-up revision notes. Select Module 1, then lessons 13, 14,16, 18 or 19
Homeostasis Significant information on the subject
Transport in cells Diffusion and osmosis
Another quiz Homeostasis quiz

General 2 Chemical Patterns

Electrolysis Using electrolysis in a fuel cell
Test yourself on electrolysis Questions to check your knowledge and understanding
The Periodic Table Go through all the main ideas, includes questions to test yourself and revision notes
The Periodic Table Tutorial and interactive resource
Atomic Structure Main ideas, questions and revision notes


General 3 How and Why things Move

One page revision sheet

How spiders climb up  
Why spiders can walk on water Action and reaction, friction etc
Forces Revision Complete walk-through of forces, with questions to test you
Forces interactive tutorial A complete tutorial with sound to talk you through the ideas

An excellent site, with pages to guide you through the whole topic, The momentum work only needs to be done by students taking the Higher Tier paper
Mechanics revision More Forces revision

General 4 Growth and Development


General 5 Chemicals in the Natural Environment

Interactive Activities  
Covalent Bonding Electrolysis
Examples of electrolysis  
Useful Websites  
Covalent bonding How the atoms in the atnosphere stay together
Chemical bonding Ionic and covalent
Calculations in chemistry Some revision of calculations
Extraction of metals Extraction of aluminium from bauxite

General 6 Modelling the Behaviour of Electric Circuits

Basic electricity Use modules 1-7. Aimed at Key Stage 3, but a good place to revise before starting this module. Lots of complete lessons, simulations and facts in an interactive site
Static and Current Electricity Good revision site, with concepts explained, questions and revision notes
Revise electricity Another good revision site
BBC revision Trustworthy as ever, the BBC's GCS Bitesize site
Ohm's Law Practive Question Practice using the equation (page68)

General 7 Brain and Mind

Interactive Activities  
Learning and Memory Structure of the Nervous System
Memory The Brain
Useful Websites  
Senses Go to Module 1, lessons 5 - 9
Plant movement and growth BBC GCSE Bitesize module
Plant tropisms One page summary
Nerves and Hormones Tutorial with questions
Nervous System Detailed explanations with lots of links

General 8 Synthesis and Analysis

Interactive Activities  
Acids Titrations
Alkalis Chemical Quantities and Yields
Salts Keywords crossword
Useful Websites  
Revision of acids and alkalis Get started with a revision of acids and alkalis, and the uses of neutralisation
Calculations Questions and worked examples, including percentage yield, concentrations, moles and molecular mass
Acids and Bases revision notes A long but well spaced page with the basic notes and facts
Virtual titration Choose your acid and base, then watch as it happens!
Paints Information on how paints are made, including pigments
Degussa AG iron blue pigments Manchester based company that produces the iron blue pigments

General 9 The Wave model of Radiation

Interactive Activities  
Bending Light Going Digital
Electromagnetic Waves How Radio Works
Useful Websites  
S-cool Good tutorial on waves, but does not go into electromagnetic waves
BBC GCSE Bitesize As above
Digital Brain One page on each section, with links to other sites
GCSEVISE Most of the site requires subscription, but this page gives you basic facts on waves and radioactivity for free
GCSEscience This page is like a glossary, but links to worked examples and explanations. Very useful if you know what word it is that you do not understand. Most of the site requires subscription though...
Transverse and Longitudinal waves Can't remember which is which? Interactive applet shows you both