Core Modules


There are 9 Core Modules, taken by all GCSE students on this course. Completion of these modules leads to one GCSE grade. The students are assessed through three exams, taken at intervals throughout their two year course.

Each of the links below will take you to a page where the module is broken down into lessons as defined in the teacher resource materials. For each lesson there are links to relevant external websites and a Word document containing the 'Essential Notes' based on the Required Knowledge and Understanding for the Scheme of Work.

New! Core 7-9 Revision Materials

  Module Title
C1 Air Quality
C2 You and Your Genes
C3 The Earth in the Universe
C4 Food Matters
C5 Radiation and Life
C6 Material Choices
C7 Keeping Healthy
C8 Radioactive Materials
C9 Life on Earth

Interactive Resouces

Core 1 Wordsearch
Core 4 Wordsearch
Core 5 Wordsearch
Core 6 Wordsearch