Using Radioactivity

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The the material, the more radiation it will absorb.
This idea is used in to control the thickness of materials. A radioactive source sends radiation through a sheet of foil. If the foil is too , too beta radiation gets through to the control box and a signal is sent to the rolling mechanism to change the thickness of the foil.
radiation could not be used for this because it cannot pass through the foil.
radiation cannot be used for this because it would all pass through the foil and hardly be affected at all.
People working in this factory would wear special that detect radiation. Their radioactivity has to be carefully monitored.
radiation is used to kill cancer cells inside a person's body. The doctors must be careful not to kill cells at the same time.
Bacteria are also killed with rays because it can pass through the easily.
Surgical instruments are sterilised with rays - again because the instruments can be placed into sealed bags, then the gamma rays sterilise them. The closed bags prevent any microbes getting onto the instruments.