Brain and Mind - Memory

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Psychologists agree that there are two types of memory - memory and long-term memory.
Psychologists study people that have memory loss due to brain or disease.
Loss of short-term memory is seen in disease. The person cannot remember what day it is and can become very confused.
Psychologists think of memory as a series of in the brain.
Sound and information is stored for a short time in the sensory memory store.
Short-term memory lasts for about in most people.
Long-term memory is a of information and skills.
When given a list of words to remember, you might remember the first few, and the last few. This is explained by a model of memory called the model.

When you receive a stimulus it passes into the memory. Information that you do not need to attend to is . Information that you need is sent for in the short-term memory. Again, information that is not needed is lost. information that is needed is passed to the memory. something is one way of transferring it from short-term memory to long-term memory. If you the information and it links with past experiences, you are also more likley to process it more deeply, resulting in remembering it better.

Several other models of memory exist, and short-term memory is now seen as memory.