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The NHS provides free for everyone. NHS practitioners include dentists, nurses and doctors. NHS Direct provides help over the or through the Internet.
A general practitioner (GP) can refer you to a specialist at a , or prescribe .
The NHS is funded by tax-payers' money, and the money has to be carefully managed.
Care at the first point of contact is called health care. This includes paramedics, nurses, opticians, health visitors and dentists.
If the primary health care team cannot meet the needs of the patient, a is made for the patient to visit a hospital.
The Health Protection Agency health education and public information. They run to educate people about the dangers of smoking or being obese, and they also have to report outbreaks of some diseases to the Health Organisation.

Fitness and Leisure in health
In the UK, the two biggest killers are and coronary heart disease. research shows that a person's is very important in staying healthy.
Sports and exercise are very important in after illness and for maintaining general good health. Doctors can refer patients to exercise programmes under the Exercise Referral Scheme.