Physics Resources AS Waves topic

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Complete set of notes

Waves Revision from GCSE

Waves Powerpoint
Revision Crossword


Waves Refraction

Reflection and Refraction Powerpoint

Total Internal Reflection

Total Internal Reflection Powerpoint

Uses of Optic Fibres

Optic Fibres Powerpoint

Wave Definitions and the Wave Equation

Waves General Questions

Graphical Representations of Waves


Diffraction and the Ripple Tank


Young's Slit Questions
Interference Questions

Superposition of Waves

Standing Waves

Standing Waves questions


Polarisation Questions

Complete online textbooks and websites

Wikipedia – definitions

Jacaranda Physics - Complete textbook

Light (goes further than you need for the exam, but good information clearly presented)

Lakeside - Complete textbook (other topics included)

Physics Classroom - Complete textbook - Complete waves textbook

Hazelwood - Waves animations

Ewart - Complete textbook

Wave Express - Complete waves textbook

Zona Land - Excellent site linking maths and physics, with a section on waves

PhoolProof Physics – nice Unit on waves and another on optics