Pump it UP
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This mission is all about your heart.

Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood around your body. It is about the size of your fist. Make a fist and put it in front of your body at about the place where you think your heart is. Many people do not realise how big their heart is. Some do not know where it is.

Like all muscles in your body, your heart need to have some exercise, but how do you make your heart exercise?

Find a pulse point like this.
Put two fingers (no thumbs allowed in this) and place them just to one side of the main big tube that you can feel running down your neck. Your fingers should be slightly down from your jaw. Press in gently and you should feel a pulse – a regular movement in your neck. This is the blood going through your body, and it is pumped round by your heart.
Count how many times your pulse ‘beats’ in ten seconds.
Multiply this by 6 and you have the number of beats in a minute.

Now do some exercise – your teacher will advise you. This might be running on the spot, jumping up and down…keep going for two minutes.

Now take your pulse again.

Is your heart beating any faster than it was before you exercised? You need to take plenty exercise every day to make your heart beat faster and keep it fit and healthy.

Conduct a class survey of favourite sports that people take part in.

You coule also try out the Heart Jigsaw.