ICTAC links

This page will grow to include the best of ICT resources to use in Science (and preferably free ones at that)

ICT in science includes the use of Powerpoint (and many of you are already familiar with creating your own slie shows), Flash animations (available to buy on CD Roms, you can make your own if you are prepared to put the time in and learn the program), simulations (usually bought on a CD ROM), whiteboard resources, programs, datalogging software, the Internet (web browsing, email, blogs etc) and anything else that will run on your computer.

Firstly, from the official ICTAC CD Rom (available from the DFES)
Key Stage 3 ICT across the Curriculum pack (ICTAC)(DfES 0171-2004 G)

SC1demo This demo program allows you to simulate two tricky experiments - electromagnets and photosynthesis with elodea. It is very simple to use and allows you to quickly generate results for the students to analyse. The accompanying teacher and student files are in this zipped file.

Qwizdom. Although appearing to be quite an expensive piece of kit, my personal experience leads me to believe that it is worth it. Each student is given a handset to use, and as the questions are projected, they choose the A, B, C etc. There are other options, such as True/False options as well. You can create your own question sets, or buy them from Qwizdom. The students' scores can be recorded as they play the game. This equipment gets round the problem of only one or two students participating in interactive elements of the lesson. Be warned - students get very competitive, noise levels rise and you might not be able to get the students to leave your lesson when the bell goes. I have used this with a wide range of students, from low ability (and hard to motivate) year 9 students to A* GCSE students. They ALL loved it.

Make your own games for interactive whiteboards, projectors etc

Fantastic whiteboard resources to use for all key stages (you can download these to use)
I have not yet found any site to match this for the quality of the resources. No sign-up or joining, just straightforward free resources. Superb. Thank you Wales!