Websites for software and simulations can be found through the Links page.


This area of the site will contain interactive exercises, suggestions for science activities and 'missions'. Where necessary full details of experiments and equipment will be provided. The 'missions' will be developed to provide extended science work for Year 6 and will build in complexity throughout the year. It is intended that one will be posted each week.


This section deals with the Key Stage 3 syllabus. It is divided into topics, and you will find 'Essential Notes' for students relating to the QCA/DfES Schemes of work placed in the relevant sections. A full list of links to these 'Essential Notes' can be found here. These notes cover the core material required for each topic. The DFES Schemes of work can be found on their website.
In the coming months, a lesson breakdown for each scheme of work, including homework and experiment details will be placed on the site. These can be viewed as text files, or as a scheme of work through the Teacher Pro software that I will be using for my lesson planning.
Key words for each year group (years 6-9) are available as Excel worksheets.


The GCSE section is presented in two ways. The subject areas are subdivided into topic areas allowing any GCSE course to find resources easily. As part of a pilot project for Twenty-First Century Science I have created a more extensive section relating to the resources, links and materials required for this course. Where appropriate, cross-links are used to take students from topic areas to relevant resources in the twenty-first century science areas.

A Level

The A level resources will be the slowest area of development. In the near future it will contain an extensive list of links to websites for information and free resources such as virtual laboratories. Student notes, teacher materials and experiment lists will be provided in 2004.